The OAS AM| Art Museum of the Americas proudly presents this exhibition of the series  Liquid City by Canadian photographer Frank Rodick, and 41 Estações by Brazilian photographer Luciano Siqueira. Based in Montreal, Frank Rodick produced the 40 images of Liquid City between 1991-1999 in Montreal, Toronto, Tokyo, New York, Hamburg, and Berlin. In these works, the city becomes a condition as opposed to a specific plane – a theatre of transience where he destabilizes the image by breaking down the boundaries between foreground, background, and subject. The series exists complementarily with Luciano Siqueira’s 41 Estações. The Brazilian sound designer and musician produced this series in 2018, using daily comings and goings throughout the Rio de Janeiro subway system highlight the routines, promises, and uncertainties of human displacement amid an urban landscape. This exhibition is curated by Fabian Goncalves Borrega.

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